-That robot is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did.

-And THAT robot is reading GOTF issue 10, page 17!

And now we have some cameos from my friends…

-Well hey there, Darkspeeds! You’re almost the right color!

-Count Eokir, by Okida! He got Mina Mongoose’d

-And finally, the tops of Sicily and Vennie’s heads, in pink. Just as I intended.

K6K the Echidna’s character’s there too, with some lovely blue ears. Sorry Cornelious-Raidon, your cameo didn’t really survive the inker’s pen…


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    Mind blown.
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    Just a comment here from me ain’t justice. Gonna speak to ya on Skype next time and let you know what I think….! *is...
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