(please open up the pics to see ‘em properly!)

I went pretty crazy with the cameos in #257— here’s a list of who’s who (and what’s what). I have removed speech bubbles in some panels for more visibility. Also the colors are off for most characters, as I didn’t tell the colorist what I did.

-Linkara, the host and creator of Atop the 4th Wall! If he refuses to review Sonic comics, than he shall become Sonic comics. All those bad comics finally made him go gray.

-Ghosts of the Future Issue 11 Page 3, seen on the Sky Patrol’s screens.

-Billboards. Pretty self-explanatory.

-Sissel, Lynne, and Missile from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective! Also my friend Okida’s OC.

-Lots of ‘em here: Sissel and co. again, now with a Mobian Missile, Kamila, and Cabanela up front. My friends Gigi and John’s OCs Rick and Zielo, Misty from Pokemon, Honey the Cat, and finally Silver’s parents Ginger and Arty from GOTF.

-Eggman’s been hacked by the Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell, apparently.

-I haven’t watched Evangelion but I couldn’t resist that pose.

-More GOTF— Silver’s little sister Vennie, slightly younger than usual.

*Phew* That’s a lot! There’s a couple more of my characters, but I haven’t shared them with the public yet so they will remain anonymous.

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